Do You Deserve This…?


So while standing in line to order my lunch (meeting a friend, hate eating alone), I started ordering a chocolate pot de creme, when the man behind me asked if I felt I deserved that pot de creme today.

Naturally I responded, “I deserve it everyday!”

Do I truly believe I need a decadent dessert everyday? No. I don’t eat that way on a daily basis. But do I believe I deserve it everyday? Maybe. I believe that most days I work hard (enough) to “earn my keep”. Whether things work out the way I want or not, I am putting forth the effort to make things happen, and the effort is as important as the outcome. Maybe more.

Today, I feel like a hot mess! But that doesn’t stop me from showing up.

Continuing to pursue one business, while simultaneously building a second is not an easy task. Days like today I feel a little schizo trying to juggle both.

Maybe the pot de creme is a distraction, maybe a reminder that I’m human.

I think I went five years with nary a dessert in sight. So what does it mean that I’m indulging a little? Don’t get me wrong, it was still gluten and dairy free, and vegan. Some things you just don’t compromise on. But, in some ways I have been loosening the reins. I haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing. Just is what it is. At times, I still feel uncomfortable indulging in the sweet or the bubbly. But I don’t want to live my life in fear. So instead, I take a few deep breaths, turn my face toward the sun, and savor the few indulgences I allow myself.

If you hear what I’m sayin’ give a shout out below about your favorite indulgences!