“Regina has been a pleasure to work with. She really cares about her clients and their health and even called multiple grocery stores once for me to find a hard to locate product. She outlines your options as she sees best but does not push you past your comfort zone. She does not place judgment so it is easy to be honest and that results in the best outcome for the clients. She will find a plan that works. My labs are better than ever and as a bonus, I shed 20 pounds in the first two months!”

Dana S.

“I turned to Regina for help with some issues that I felt could best be improved through functional medicine. Regina guided me towards a healthier lifestyle with education and thorough testing. She is knowledgeable, caring and dedicated to helping people figure out their dietary sensitivities. Further, Regina consulted with my medical doctor for continuity of care. With Regina’s help I have been able to manage my issues though food sensitivity dietary changes as opposed to medication.”

Jennifer Z.

“I had the pleasure of experiencing dramatic success in a scant 12 weeks working with Regina in the fall of 2015. She quickly disarmed this corporate warrior, with relevant and thoughtful questions that challenged me and my eating views – Even how to have victory over those self-condemning internal voices we all have.”

Steve E.

“Thank you for the detailed diet instructions.”

Svetlana S.

Regina helped me with a nutrition plan after my heart surgery for artery bypass and was a delight to work with, very encouraging.

Barry F.

Praising Regina for exceptional professionalism. She was impressively familiar with my son’s condition and diet needs (which are considerable) and amazingly attentive, informative, and comforting.

Ares K.

I acknowledge and thank Regina for her knowledge and teaching me to have a better understanding of my eating habits for my diabetes. Thank you!

Jamil S.

Regina opened me to new experiences and new foods. With her help and support I learned to do things in small bits and gained confidence in myself. I recommend her services because I know it can help other people who are also struggling like I am and gives you hope for a better, healthier future.

Patricia A.

Regina is an easy person to work with, very understanding, listens and teaches well. Her knowledge is broad, and her credentials are excellent. I feel more energetic, I have more freedom of exercise, and much less pain. My gastrointestinal distress was reduced dramatically and the inflammation in my knees completely disappeared. The results have lasted over five years and I can run 20-25 miles a week pain free. I can absolutely say it changed my life!

Jim G.