Taking Stock


I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago I was taking stock and re-evaluating life. Many of my nearest and dearest know the road that I have traveled. Some have walked along side. When your very existence is threatened you have to dig deep. And so I have.

The past nine months have felt like a tornado went through my life – tumultuous, disruptive. As I stand looking at my lot in the aftermath, a few things come to mind. First, not all is lost. Certain things remain untouched as if somehow spared the destructive forces. Family photo albums reminding me of my youth, my upbringing, the strong bonds of family, and love of cherished friends.

Second, it may be a struggle, but life will calm down and a new normal will set in. Cleaning up our messes isn’t easy. It can take a long time to sift through the rubble. Decisions need to be made about what can be salvaged and what cannot. Although it would be easy to release everything, buy all new stuff and start from scratch, we all choose to keep some things for sentimental value and some for true love, even if a little battered, because the reminder of what happened has value too.

Third, I will rebuild. Seeing all you have built in shambles is sad, but our “stuff” does not define who we are. Our street address does not define who we are. Our body parts do not define who we are. We are, in fact, so much more than “things.”

You may be asking what all this has to do with a nutrition blog. The answer is that what we choose to put in our bodies is the foundation we build on. Without health, there is nothing. With good nutrition, we build a strong foundation for continued good health.

It is with good health in mind, that I move forward. My cleanup efforts include a change in diet and lifestyle. Follow my foray into a mostly raw, vegetarian diet, full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains (gluten-free). This is my adventure in healthy eating, beauty, and living simply, wholly and each day to its fullest.

Love, Regina