Many people turn to nutrition seeking answers to their own or a loved one’s health problems. I am no different. Before I became a dietitian I became a mother to a child with severe food allergies. Having allergies to 5 out of the top 8 allergens is definitely a challenge! It took six months just to get our first child properly diagnosed with food allergies and once we did, our world would NEVER be the same again. No pizza, cake, or ice cream at birthday parties. Modifying every recipe. Very few restaurant options. And, carrying an Epipen everywhere we went. My second child also had food allergies, but I was a pro by then! It was for this reason I became a dietitian, so I could help other families whose kids struggled with food allergies too.

Little did I know that several years later I would use my knowledge to save my own life. I was a young professional with a family and a vibrant community of friends. And….I had been diagnosed with cancer. Compared to that, food allergies seemed like a walk in the park! We tend to take things for granted when they are not life threatening. Our health being one of those things. We think about what’s for dinner and how much work we have. For me, my health problems took center stage and life came to a screeching halt! I had to stop, re-evaluate the way I was living, and change how I nourished myself. Nothing was off limits. Relationships were redefined. Boundaries set. Jobs changed. I started doing yoga and meditating. I changed my diet from omnivore to vegan, to vegetarian, and back to vegan. I went 100% gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and sugar free. I started juicing, making smoothies, and eating lots of cruciferous vegetables (yes, its hard to eat Brussels Sprouts for breakfast when everyone else is having pancakes). But I didn’t stop there, I switched to eating mostly organic food (yes, its expensive for me too), and I paid more attention to eating the rainbow everyday.

After working as a clinical dietitian on the intensive care unit of a hospital for three years, I realized there is so much more I could do with my knowledge. We live in a world of illness from obesity to heart disease to diabetes to autoimmune disease, and to many people affected by cancer. It is for this reason I restarted my private practice, the product of which you see here. To me, a life well-lived means taking what life gives you, keeping what you want, and letting go of the rest. It means being grounded, kind, caring, compassionate, loving, strong, open, and adventurous. It means letting others see your vulnerability, but staying true to yourself and living to your highest potential.

My journey is not one I would have chosen, but it has brought me to where I am today. And for that, I am truly grateful. I’m a life-long learner, I love to travel, cook, read, spend time in nature, and the magical healing powers of the beach. My newest passions are amateur surfing and hiking fourteeners! I am grateful everyday for my life, my family, my dog, my friends and support system, and the people I have met on my journey to recovery and renewed health. I am grateful to my mentors who have gently guided, inspired, and girded me with knowledge when I had questions.

It is an honor to cross paths with you on your journey!