I am a firm believer that your body can heal itself, it just needs the right tools. Our minds and bodies are inseparable. What you think affects how you feel. Your thoughts manifest themselves as emotions, and your emotions invite in health or illness.

“Human beings are both physical and spiritual. By focusing on the physical body alone, one fails to deal with the whole person. Without addressing the root (of the problem), causes of illness remain and are likely to resurface. To initiate permanent healing, one must first address the disharmony in the spiritual body.”

~Joseph Michael Levry

My mission is helping people thrive by finding the root of an illness, and working with the whole person, not just alleviating symptoms. Many times discomfort starts in your mind – your worries, your stresses, your fears. By developing practices that calm the mind, you can calm your body and learn to release stress, fear, anxiety, and worry. These practices hold healing powers that are backed by science and can help you achieve permanent healing, even reversing chronic illness.

Lifestyle practices are an essential part of achieving long-lasting healing. These universal practices can be used by anyone, speaking any language, and does not infringe on any religion (or none if that is your practice). I will help you explore which of these practices is right for you.

“Self-knowledge and awareness are the keys to self-healing. When we are able to see our unhealthy patterns and understand ourselves with emotional clarity, free of judgment, we are able to face and cure weaknesses with loving kindness, as well as recognize and amplify our strengths.”

~ Joseph Michael Levry