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coleslaw in a bowl

I am not a huge fan of mayonnaise, I think it tastes “funny” sometimes. Maybe it’s the spices they put in it? But I do love a good, fresh coleslaw salad! Coleslaw is so versatile. It can be paired with tacos, spring rolls, BBQ, really just about any cuisine. The secret to a good…(Read More)

So, this is, for certain, my latest food obsession. I saw this recipe on a tv show where they travel around the country looking for the most greasy, artery clogging food they can find. Stuff I usually refer to as a “heart attack on a plate”. But this time they actually went to a healthy…(Read More)

ful medames, vegan braised beans, Middle Eastern spiced beans

Ful Medames


So, here’s the thing, we know that beans are super healthy and good for us. But we just have such a hard time incorporating them into our diets! I’m setting out to change that in my life. Beans are a great source of protein. For a plant-based eater, that is important for…(Read More)

zoodles, zucchini noodles, gluten free, dairy free, vegan

Zoodles with Spaghetti Sauce Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, with marinara or tomato sauce is one of the easiest dishes you’ll ever make! I made mine with store-bought spaghetti sauce, but I’m sure they would taste great with homemade sauce too. I made the zoodles for a segment I did on a local…(Read More)

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Collard Greens with Garlic and Lemon Recently I was on one of my local news channels talking about foods that are in season in Colorado right now. If you’re interested in watching the segment, you can find it here. Another recipe I made that day on the show was Stuffed Peppers, you can find…(Read More)

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Roasted Bell Peppers Having it my way! You don’t always get to have things your way, unless you do it yourself! Okay, let’s talk roasted peppers for just a minute. Every time I get them at the store they are charred beyond recognition (and I’m stuck doing the work of meticulously picking…(Read More)