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It’s that time of year again when our kiddos go back to school. It’s also the time when we as parents get to think about how we can help them be successful in the classroom. One of those ways is to make sure our kids have a nourishing breakfast before they head off…(Read More)

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Ful Medames


So, here’s the thing, we know that beans are super healthy and good for us. But we just have such a hard time incorporating them into our diets! I’m setting out to change that in my life. Beans are a great source of protein. For a plant-based eater, that is important for…(Read More)

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Fruit Smoothie Anytime Bowl Ahhhh, breakfast. Probably the most difficult of meal of the day for me. Not because it’s difficult to make, but because as a vegan sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to make. When the usual options of eggs are taken off the menu, you have to get creative…(Read More)

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Looking for an easy breakfast?   This breakfast practically makes itself! Sometimes I’m in a hurry, sometimes, I’m just plain lazy! That’s why when it comes to breakfast, it has to be easy, fast, and of course it has to be good (because who would want to eat bad food)? This is…(Read More)

This is my new addiction! I love bananas and I love chocolate! But, I’m gluten free. No problem. What do you do when life hands you a bunch of bananas? Puree the heck out of them and make banana bread! (Don’t forget to add chocolate. It makes EVERYTHING better.) I have always had…(Read More)

A Better Breakfast “Cereal” My clients are always asking me what I eat for breakfast. My breakfasts are not complicated. I like easy options that fill me up and give me energy to do my work. It’s Not Actually Cereal One of my absolute favorite and easiest breakfasts is my fruit and nut bowl…(Read More)