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Faux gras


There are so many variations of this appetizer, which is basically a plant-based version of liver paté. In my version I used lentils, mushrooms, and walnuts to achieve the perfect texture and flavor combination that will wipe your memory clean of the organ meat variety and will keep you coming back for more! When…(Read More)

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Roasted Bell Peppers Having it my way! You don’t always get to have things your way, unless you do it yourself! Okay, let’s talk roasted peppers for just a minute. Every time I get them at the store they are charred beyond recognition (and I’m stuck doing the work of meticulously picking…(Read More)

Stuffed Mushrooms Need a quick and easy appetizer put together before company comes over? Well, I’ve got just the thing! These stuffed mushrooms just needed a bit of time for chopping up the ingredients. Once they were in the oven, I was off to the races making the main course. And the best part…(Read More)