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apple crisp in wooden bowls set on top of a towel with wooden spoons next to it

I love the 4th of July for all that it stands for – freedom, celebration, gratitude, and food! To me nothing is more American than Apple Pie. Still, like many, I’m always trying to eat healthier and be more conscious of the foods I eat. My take on a healthier version of apple pie is…(Read More)

coleslaw in a bowl

I am not a huge fan of mayonnaise, I think it tastes “funny” sometimes. Maybe it’s the spices they put in it? But I do love a good, fresh coleslaw salad! Coleslaw is so versatile. It can be paired with tacos, spring rolls, BBQ, really just about any cuisine. The secret to a good…(Read More)

apple, lemon, and kale with green juice

I love warm weather! Who doesn’t, right? But when it gets too hot for comfort, I run for cover… and to get a refreshing drink. That’s how my green lemonade came about. On a particularly hot day this week, I got tired of frying by mid-afternoon and headed in to find something…(Read More)

Cucumber, Hearts of Palm, and Broccoli Salad

Seeing how my father has been a vegetarian for 45 years (most of my life), I grew up eating salads every. night. of. the. week! You would’a thought I was tired of eating salads. But nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I go a few days without…(Read More)

vegetable soup

There’s nothing like cold weather to bring out a craving for vegetable soup! Nothing special, just rounded up veggies, spices, and herbs from the fridge and pantry to cook up some delicious goodness. The thing about a nice hot bowl of soup is that it nourishes your body and soul. Add a nice piece…(Read More)


This segment on healthy holiday recipe substitutes originally aired in December 2018, but the concepts are still true, and especially applicable since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! You can make recipes healthier, whether for holiday or everyday baking. So what are some of the best healthy recipe swaps you ask? Dairy Alternatives…(Read More)

I love the taste of coffee and I love alcoholic coffee drinks like Kahlua and Bailey’s, I just don’t want the alcohol. This is my special version of a creamy coffee after dinner drink. You probably wouldn’t think that combining rosemary and coffee would be a winning combination, but they actually pair…(Read More)

One of my favorite drinks of all time is the margarita. But it has to be made just right. Too strong and I’m crying while dancing on the table, too weak and it’s mostly sugar. In the non-alcoholic version it’s even more important to have the correct mix or you could…(Read More)

I think I am pretty much obsessed with creating non-alcoholic drinks I can have at dinners and parties. I am, an adult, after all! I choose to abstain from alcohol because of health reasons and I don’t really miss how I felt after a night of drinking. What I don’t like though…(Read More)