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Devora Peterson didn’t know that learning to mountain bike would help her overcome cancer, but it did. Her Big Hairy Audacious Goal related to biking helped her focus her energy on something she could control and keep her mind off cancer. In this first episode of 2021, Devora shares her strategy to stay fit…(Read More)

Celebrating holiday traditions with Malena means focusing on family. We start this episode like so many others, by talking about Malena’s cancer connection. In particular, her family history and how genetics plays a role but isn’t the whole story. How you live your life has a huge impact on how your genes manifest…(Read More)

I love Thanksgiving for all the gratitude and kindness it brings into the world. It’s a perfect time to be feeling grateful for the important things in life. And when I say things, I don’t actually mean things. “The first wealth is health.”Ralph Waldo Emerson This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson says…(Read More)

Lifelines to cancer survival with Mark Roby

What do you do when you are faced with the impossible? Mark Roby created his own lifelines for cancer survival relying on doctors, scientists, family, friends, scientific research, new screenings and emerging therapies, and anything else he had at his disposal. Mark was a runner, a physician assistant, a naturopathic doctor and at the behest…(Read More)

My guest on this episode is doctor Shari Fox, and in it we explore embracing and evolving along the cancer journey. Like many cancer survivors, she didn’t see it coming and couldn’t understand how to make it fit in her life. So, as she puts, she “powered through it.” Her story brings out…(Read More)

Part of my healing journey included relying heavily on my faith. Finding resilience through faith meant observing traditions and rituals I hadn’t grown up with or observed as an adult for most of my life. This year with COVID-19 playing a pivotal role in how we practice our faiths, many of the communal…(Read More)

After watching both of her sisters go through cancer diagnosis and treatment, separately at different times, Nadine Shapera thought to herself, “ain’t nobody got time for cancer.” But before long, Nadine found herself dealing with multiple cancer diagnoses at once. How did she do it? In her words, “you just get through it.” When…(Read More)

finding the right medical team with scherri woodard

It’s hard for most people to imagine being diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer. It’s even harder if you don’t get your questions answered from the start. That’s exactly what happened to Scherri Woodard and why this episode is dedicated to finding the right medical team. Even though she kept…(Read More)

One of the most traumatic things about cancer treatment is the loss of hair that accompanies chemotherapy treatment. In this episode, we talk about cancer and hair care with my personal stylist, Angie Defrancis Cox. One of the best pieces of advice I was given before starting treatment was to schedule a series of 5…(Read More)