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What is a cleanse and why should or should you not do one? And, are they necessary? And if you are going to do one, how can you do it safely? Mention to someone you are doing a cleanse and it can likely elicit very different responses. In the ancient Indian culture, the best time…(Read More)

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Ad 120!


Ad 120! Ad (pronounced ah-d, not like add), means until. Moses lived until 120 years old. When someone has a birthday, I always wish them some combination of happiness, love, success, wealth, joy, adventure, purpose, and of course, my favorite of all of them, health. Health is the most meaningful to me because without…(Read More)

An ounce of prevention….. is worth a pound of cure.   Last Tuesday morning went nothing as planned. I had planned to get up early and go for a bike ride before heading out to see my grandmother at the hospital after a nasty fall that ended in a broken hip and surgery. I did…(Read More)

Have you ever pondered the root cause of disease? There are four major contributors to any illness, whether we are talking about autoimmune disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or even cancer. These four contributors are diet, stress, pathogens, and toxins. Each one of these plays a pivotal role in creating an environment where illness can take…(Read More)

I recently asked a friend what she would want more of in her life, and to my surprise, she answered joy. My friend genuinely expressed that having more joy in her life would allow her to be a better mother and wife. So it got me thinking about what we could do to cultivate (from…(Read More)

It seems I always find inspiration on my mat. Maybe that is why I love yoga so much. Today is no different. Thanks to my amazingly beautiful and inspirational teacher. As I was guided through my vinyasa yoga sequence, I was told the story of Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles. Naturally the story…(Read More)