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Trick or Treat?


Lately, I’ve been thinking about how we treat ourselves and how we trick ourselves. Maybe because it’s Halloween. And candy is literally EVERYWHERE (not screaming, just emphasizing). Sure, the phrase “trick or treat” refers to what kids say as they go door to door collecting candy from total strangers. Seems like a safe…(Read More)

When I first started riding all my friends would ask me “are you clipped in?”. Strangers would ask me too. I rode my bike for nine and a half months unclipped in my tennis shoes because I was too afraid to be clipped in. Even though I bought riding shoes with clips seven months ago…(Read More)

Ok, normally, I think of myself as a pretty badass chick. I work hard, play hard (riding long distances on my bike (sometimes uphill)), I even have tattoos. But when I’m sick, it’s like the world is coming to an end. Normally, I also have a pretty high tolerance bull doody, but when…(Read More)

One thing I hear from my clients regularly is that heart disease or diabetes runs in their families and they’re seeing me to prevent one or the other or both. I have two answers to this. One, that diet and lifestyle also “run in their family” and two, that both are preventable.  Our…(Read More)

What is a cleanse and why should or should you not do one? And, are they necessary? And if you are going to do one, how can you do it safely? Mention to someone you are doing a cleanse and it can likely elicit very different responses. In the ancient Indian culture, the best time…(Read More)

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Over the years, research has shown that eating fruits and vegetables has a positive effect on physical health (as opposed to eating processed or junk foods). A new study shows that consuming fruits and vegetables also has a positive affect on mental well-being. That shouldn’t be such a big surprise since all of…(Read More)

So while standing in line to order my lunch (meeting a friend, hate eating alone), I started ordering a chocolate pot de creme, when the man behind me asked if I felt I deserved that pot de creme today. Naturally I responded, “I deserve it everyday!” Do I truly believe I need a decadent dessert…(Read More)

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Ad 120!


Ad 120! Ad (pronounced ah-d, not like add), means until. Moses lived until 120 years old. When someone has a birthday, I always wish them some combination of happiness, love, success, wealth, joy, adventure, purpose, and of course, my favorite of all of them, health. Health is the most meaningful to me because without…(Read More)