Back to School Nutrition for College Students


It’s not just younger kids living at home that need healthy snacks when school starts. College students going back to school also need to think about nutrition and healthy food habits.

It’s August and kids on the west coast have returned to school and kids on the east coast are preparing to go back after Labor Day. At this time of the year we as parents heighten our awareness of what our children are eating and think about how we can serve them healthy snacks and meals.

This is easier to do if your kids live at home, and we hope that we’ve taught our kids a thing or two about healthy eating so they take those good habits with them to college.

But college can be overwhelming with move-in day excitement, getting used to being without your parents, living in dorms with strangers. Each one of these may be enough to drive a person to comfort foods or not-so-healthy options.

But it doesn’t have to be that way….

College students don’t have to give up their healthy nutrition habits! In this segment I talk about several healthy options your kids can keep right in their rooms and have access to any time they get the munchies.

What are your favorite healthy snacks? What healthy foods do your kids love to snack on?