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Sometimes life hands us the unexpected and we are left trying to figure how to fit it into our already busy lives. My guest this week, Dalia Topelson Ritvo, was a young professional busy starting a career as a lawyer at a large law firm in New York City. This is her story of staying…(Read More)

apple crisp in wooden bowls set on top of a towel with wooden spoons next to it

I love the 4th of July for all that it stands for – freedom, celebration, gratitude, and food! To me nothing is more American than Apple Pie. Still, like many, I’m always trying to eat healthier and be more conscious of the foods I eat. My take on a healthier version of apple pie is…(Read More)

Professional Perspectives with Medical Oncologist Dr. Dev Paul

The scariest three words you could ever face in your life are “you have cancer”. And yet, the American Cancer Society states that more than 1,762,450 people (cases) were expected to be diagnosed in 2019 in the US alone. In this episode Medical Oncologist, Dr. Dev Paul shares his professional perspectives on using…(Read More)

Learning to meditate with Oleg Kotliarsky

One of the most helpful things on my healing journey was learning to meditate. Not for the sake of meditation or to talk about it at parties, but to relieve my own stress and anxiety I was feeling from all that I had been subjected to over the preceding year. Toxic emotions are one of…(Read More)

Picture of Nancy Novack, creator of Nancy's List

Nancy Novack started Nancy’s List as a way to help cancer patients find financial resources to get through treatment. It became so much more. Nancy was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2004 and learned quickly that the number one stressor for patients was the question of how they were going to pay…(Read More)

coleslaw in a bowl

I am not a huge fan of mayonnaise, I think it tastes “funny” sometimes. Maybe it’s the spices they put in it? But I do love a good, fresh coleslaw salad! Coleslaw is so versatile. It can be paired with tacos, spring rolls, BBQ, really just about any cuisine. The secret to a good…(Read More)

apple, lemon, and kale with green juice

I love warm weather! Who doesn’t, right? But when it gets too hot for comfort, I run for cover… and to get a refreshing drink. That’s how my green lemonade came about. On a particularly hot day this week, I got tired of frying by mid-afternoon and headed in to find something…(Read More)

Cucumber, Hearts of Palm, and Broccoli Salad

Seeing how my father has been a vegetarian for 45 years (most of my life), I grew up eating salads every. night. of. the. week! You would’a thought I was tired of eating salads. But nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I go a few days without…(Read More)

My guest today has had a long history with alcohol. Her parents drank and she started drinking at a young age too. Her struggle with alcohol and journey in getting clean paved the way for her ability to deal with ovarian cancer. In this candid conversation we talk about the difficulty of admitting loss of…(Read More)

Tomatoes, green beans, and potatoes in the market A couple weeks ago I started reading a book about aging and longevity. These topics are front of mind because of my health history. I’m a cancer survivor and I’ve made it my life’s mission not only to heal myself, but to also help others on the journey…(Read More)