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Tomatoes, green beans, and potatoes in the market A couple weeks ago I started reading a book about aging and longevity. These topics are front of mind because of my health history. I’m a cancer survivor and I’ve made it my life’s mission not only to heal myself, but to also help others on the journey…(Read More)

Gail with little girl, a Teddy bear, and lolly pop

The central theme of this podcast was all about making life better for others! A concept I can definitely get behind! Gail Nussbaum started out as an employee at Amgen working to help people with psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, when life took her down the cancer journey. As she puts it, “cancer wasn’t on…(Read More)

woman tying shoe laces

Physical activity is an important part of health. Your body was meant to move, built to move. Without movement, your body doesn’t work right.  If you ask your doctor what you need to do to stay healthy, they will probably mention some form of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. If…(Read More)

What can you do to better your mental health? Oh so many things! But there is one guiding principle that holds all the answers to that question. In this week’s episode 2 of the Life Well-Lived podcast, we talked about what you can do to better your own mental health. It’s surprisingly…(Read More)

girl riding bike in forest

How do you cope with the unexpected? Many of us are moving through life so fast we rarely stop to think about what’s going on… really going on. Truth be told, life is always throwing something our way. Something unexpected… whether it’s a car breaking down, an accident, a tree falling over on…(Read More)

In her groundbreaking book, Radical Remission, author Kelly Turner identifies living a life of purpose as one of the nine attributes of cancer survivors who’ve had a “radical remission”. In this week’s episode, I speak with my long-time friend, Dafna Michaelson Jenet. We discuss living a life of purpose and finding solutions…(Read More)

vegetable soup

There’s nothing like cold weather to bring out a craving for vegetable soup! Nothing special, just rounded up veggies, spices, and herbs from the fridge and pantry to cook up some delicious goodness. The thing about a nice hot bowl of soup is that it nourishes your body and soul. Add a nice piece…(Read More)