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banana, almond butter, smoothie, chocolate, dairy-free

Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Smoothie To me, smoothies are the easiest ways to take a healthy meal on the go. You can change up the ingredients so that you never get bored of the flavor as well as increasing your variety of foods and therefore nutrients too. Meal or Snack? Depending on the size and…(Read More)

salad, cucumber, endive, bell pepper, gluten free

Cucumber, Endive, and Heirloom Tomato Salad In the heat of the lazy dog days of summer (pun intended) I try to make my life and my meals as easy as possible. I use simple, yet flavorful ingredients and let them do the heavy lifting. Take this simple salad I made to go along with my…(Read More)

What Do You Crave? Even though I haven’t eaten meat for years, I still crave a good juicy burger sometimes! I recently had a terrific vegan burger at a restaurant in Boulder. It was juicy, not dry, and it reminded me of my hamburger-eating days. It had a great texture and I thought…(Read More)